Top Commercial Ice Machine Brands

top commercial ice machine brands

Deciding on the best ice maker for your establishment is no easy task, given the variety in both type and brand. Several ice machine brands in the market offer reputable products, however, nothing beats the veteran commercial ice machine brands when you're looking for a durable and time-tested product. Read on as we discuss the best commercial ice maker brands in the market to help you make the best commercial ice maker purchase for your kitchen.

Best Commercial Ice Machines

There's always a requirement for ice in a commercial food establishment, be it for beverages, refreshment, or for cooking. The necessity of a capable commercial ice machine cannot be overlooked, especially in summers. Commercial ice makers are available in various sizes, models, and even work based on different mechanisms. The most common varieties of the best ice makers are:

Based on Cooling Mechanism

Ice makers can be cooled by different cooling mechanisms. The consumption of energy varies and so does the site selection based on the climatic conditions at your location. Commercial ice machine brands offer:

Air Cooled Ice Machines: These ice makers utilize air to cool the compressor coils in the ice maker. These models of ice machines are energy efficient and extremely effective even in warmer climates.

Water Cooled Ice Machines: The compressor coils in these commercial ice makers are cooled with water. They're not as energy efficient as their former counterparts, however, they're good choices for cooler locations.

Based on Size

Commercial ice maker brands offer their best ice makers in different sizes based on your requirements. The delivery mechanism, power consumed, and space occupied vary based on the model you purchase.

Modular: These ice machines are meant for large operations that require a continuous supply of ice. These commercial ice machines produce ice quickly and in large volumes. However, they lack ice bins, which have to be purchased separately.

Self-Contained/ Standalone: These commercial ice machines are built for smaller requirements. If you run a small or mid-sized operation, these ice makers might be the right fit. They come with an inbuilt ice bin and occupy a lesser amount of space than modular ice makers.

The Top Ice Machine Brands

There's stiff competition between several commercial ice machine brands, and only a few make it to the top. Ideally, a good brand offers great energy ratings, trustworthy parts & labor warranties, effective service, and an overall top-tier product. Throughout our catalogs and listings, the commercial ice maker brands that have stood out time and again are:

Manitowoc: As one of the most trusted brands, Manitowoc offers the most reliable and long-standing commitment to the commercial ice machines business. Manitowoc ice machines are top-rated products with polished designs that are certified by energy star awards. If you're looking for quality ice, Manitowoc is one of the best ice machine manufacturers in the business. 

Hoshizaki: Strengthened by efficient Japanese engineering, Hoshizaki ice machines have built a lasting reputation for themselves in the market. They're a global juggernaut in the commercial food equipment industry and offer only the best commercial ice makers. With back-to-back awards and energy star ratings, these machines are capable of becoming the workhorses that best serve your ice cube needs.

Scotsman: With over 60 years of experience in the commercial ice machine industry, Scotsman brings to the table efficiency, reliability, and trust. The company boasts a great feat of providing commercial food equipment to several global operators. Scotsman's large-scale commercial refrigeration systems have earned both national and international repute. Known for customer satisfaction, this commercial ice maker brand would be a great addition to your kitchen.

Ice-O-Matic: Another veteran brand, Ice-O-Matic commercial ice makers have been a household name in the food equipment industry. Ice-O-Matic ice makers are versatile, and they've remained as one of the best commercial ice machine brands for over half a century. Selecting an Ice-O-Matic ice maker is bound to pay off, given their long-standing experience and industry knowledge.

Best Commercial Ice Machines by Type

Chef Buyer makes it easy for you to decide the best commercial ice maker for your business based on their type. Here are some of the best in the business:

Best Modular Ice Machine

Manitowoc IYF0500N Air-Cooled Ice Maker

Manitowoc IDF0500N 30" Full-Dice Ice Maker

The production capacity of this mean machine is pegged at over 500lbs. It's the ideal commercial ice machine for a busy restaurant on a hot summer day. With ice cubes that fill up the bin rapidly thanks to the Indigo NXT series technology, you never have to worry about running short. Digital controls and programmable settings make operating the IDF0500N simpler and more efficient. A continuous supply of food-grade ice is ensured by the AlphaSan antimicrobial me mechanism. Chef Buyer can help you add this beast to the frontlines of your operation. Manitowoc offers a 3-year parts; labor warranty on this commercial ice machine.

Best Self-contained Ice Machine

Hoshizaki Air-Cooled Ice Maker with Bin

Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ 14.88" Full-Dice Ice Maker with Bin

With a self-contained condenser, the AM-50BAJ occupies far lesser space compared to other self-contained ice machines. Yet the size is no hurdle for production, as it manages a reputable 51lbs. of ice daily. This commercial ice machine is best suited for smaller operations and workplaces. Hoshizaki has also equipped this piece of equipment with a 22lbs. bin for easy storage. The model comes with an add-on ChillTech water chilling system which improves the yield. If your expectations are set on crystal clear dice ice but you have an issue with space, the AM-50BAJ is the obvious choice. A 2-year parts & labor warranty included. 

Best Air-Cooled Ice Machine

Scotsman C0330MA-1 Air-Cooled Ice Maker

Scotsman C0330MA-1 30" Full-Dice Ice Maker

Scotsman offers a premium range of air-cooled ice machine in their C0330MA-1 model. The unit comes with a self-contained condenser unit and can produce up to 400lbs. of ice per day. Armed with the trademark AgION technology, Scotsman ensures antimicrobial actions within the machine and also top-quality ice. Not only does this machine boast an energy star recommendation, but it also saves water by requiring only 18 gallons of water per 100lbs. of ice. If you're looking to set up a mid to large-size operation, think no further. Scotsman offers a 5-year parts and labor warranty on this unit.

Best Water-Cooled Ice Machine

ICE-O-Matic CIM0330FW Water-Cooled Ice Maker

ICE-O-Matic CIM0330FW 30.25" Full-Dice Ice Maker

The CIM0330FW by Ice-O-Matic is the perfect choice for ice-making in areas that tend to be cooler, or for establishments that are unable to employ air-cooled ice makers. This machine produces over 300lbs. of ice each day and requires about 15 gallons of water per 100lbs. of ice. It has received several energy certifications and is 20% more energy-efficient than its competitors. Also featuring the AgION technology, clean & food-grade ice is never a hassle. It comes with advanced digital controls that make it simpler to operate and service; the apt choice for quick and easy ice. This item includes a company-guaranteed 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Chef Buyer's primary purpose is to help restaurateurs and commercial food business owners select the best kitchen equipment best suited for their operation. We offer a range of commercial icemaking products that can be accessed on our web catalog. If you have any further questions regarding commercial ice machine brands and ice makers, you can contact us either via email or on our phone number during business hours. Shop with Chef Buyer today and buy products at the best prices!

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