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In a commercial restaurant, it’s the cleaning bay that sees by far the most action. With repeated racks of crockery and cutlery regularly stacked for a wash and sanitization, a commercial sink is instrumental in running a well-functioning establishment that serves safe and healthy food. Choosing the right commercial sink for your establishment is an essential step in kitchen and space management at your restaurant. Several models of restaurant sinks are available to customers based on their requirements, the material they’re made of, and the design. If you’ve been considering a new restaurant kitchen sink, look no further. We discuss the variants of commercial sinks, their utility, and the factors you should consider before choosing one, in this article. 

Commercial Sinks

The FDA recommends you maintain adequate cleaning and sanitation space to ensure the safety and health standards of the food you serve. Commercial restaurant sinks can be used for various purposes, including:

Washing & Sanitation
Soaking utensils 
To drain mop water 
To hold and clean bar equipment 
As detachable units to conserve space 
Fulfilling cleaning & sanitation in outdoor operations as portable sinks

The sink witnesses nearly constant operation every working day. While material, brand, and capacity may differ, the durability of the restaurant kitchen sink matters most. 

Types & Sizes of Kitchen Sinks

Restaurant sinks have different purposes in the kitchen and based on these requirements, commercial sinks are available in the following varieties: 

Based on Construction & Usage

Handwashing Sinks: It is important to have a sink dedicated to employee handwash. Your employees need to maintain sanitary methods before preparing food, and this requires frequent handwashing. Having a separate sink prevents cross-contamination and hold-ups at other sinks. Handwashing sinks come equipped with accessories like faucets, towel dispensers, and can either be wall-mounted or portable. 

Compartment Sinks: These sinks come with several compartments to enable multiple operations at once. Most commonly, these sinks have at least three compartments, to help you wash, soak, and sanitize your utensils & crockery. Four-compartment sinks have an extra slot that can be used to thaw out food, dispose of food, or as an extra sanitation station. One and two-compartment sinks are also available and can be employed to soak, drain out colanders, thaw out food and meat, and fill up pots and vessels. If these single and dual sinks are used for cleaning, they cannot be used for food preparation. The FDA recommends three-compartment sinks as best practice. 

Bar Sinks: These are specialized sinks suited to bars and drink counters. Their construction places them strategically under the countertop. Commercial sinks of this type allow handwashing, storing glasses, and also can be equipped with a chute connected to the waste disposal bay. Newer models also come with attached ice bins and cabinets. 

Drop-in, Undermount & Portable Sinks: Both drop-in and under-mount sinks are installed to a surface that already exists. These types of sinks are primarily installed through a window cut into the surface. While drop-in sinks are placed from the top down into the window, an under-mount sink is installed from underneath the sink. Both types of units are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. 
Portable commercial sinks are essential when you run a catering operation or need an extra sink in your kitchen to either soak utensils or process food. Most models can be transported to areas of comfort, thanks to the attached wheels at the bottom. Portable commercial sinks are often without faucets and must be wheeled to areas of water supply. However, newer constructions are now available with attachments that can be hooked onto a supply of freshwater. 

Mop Sinks: These sinks are used by janitorial staff. It is not sanitary to use your food station and soaking sinks to empty floor water, given the risk of contamination. Such commercial sinks must be used solely to clean and dump cleaning equipment and wastewater.

Based on Material

Enamel: These sinks are made from porcelain enamel either fitted onto a cast iron base or purely in enamel. While aesthetically pleasing and easy to manage, they can be damaged by heavier utensils.

Stainless Steel: Restaurant stainless steel sinks are built from durable alloy and fare much better when it comes to product lifespan. They also come fitted with noise dampeners on the bottom and with thick material to resist the forces of daily wear. 

Solid Surface: These sinks are constructed out of countertop material and are more resilient than the former two variants, however, sharp, hot, and heavy objects can inflict damage on the surfaces of these restaurant kitchen sinks. 

Considerations to Make before Buying a Commercial Sink

Before you make your investment, be sure to consider these factors that affect the functionality, durability, and efficiency of commercial sinks

Number of Compartments: Multiple compartments allow for greater functionality and ease of streamlining the cleaning and sanitation process. Three-compartment sinks are best suited for commercial kitchens. 

Material: It’s wise to select sinks that are more suited to your existing equipment. Enamel and glass sinks do not take well to heavy pots and pans but are cost-effective. Restaurant stainless steel sinks can be durable but could cost you a tad bit more. 

Volume: Make sure your sink has enough volume to accommodate enough vessels to ensure a quick cleaning and sanitation process. 
Thickness & Durability: The gauge of the material used determines the durability of the material. When it comes to stainless steel sinks, a smaller gauge number indicates a greater thickness. 

Mount: Under-mount sinks can be difficult to install, however, they’re far easier to clean when compared to a drop-in commercial sink. Drop-in sinks are inexpensive but do not come with the ease of cleaning as offered by an under-mount model. 

Accessories: Be sure to consider all attachments and accessories like faucets, handles, waste chutes, and heated units before you make your purchase. Ensure all attachments are compatible with both the sink and your kitchen.

Best Commercial Sinks for Your Restaurant

Chef Buyer believes in offering only the best products to its customers. Here are some of the top-ranked commercial sinks in the market and our catalog: 

Best Compartment Sinks

Eagle Group 1872-4-16/4 Utility Sink

Eagle Group 1872-4-16/4 Utility Sink (4) Four Compartment, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel

Another premium model from Eagle enables even greater functionality with four compartments. Each compartment measures 18’’ wide x 18’’ front-to-back x 13.3’’ deep. The total dimensions of the unit measure 73.3’’ x 28’’ deep and come with an 8’’ high backsplash. With a 1’’ upturn and two sets of 8’’ splash mounted holes for faucet placement, the unit also accommodates basket drains. The 16-gauge stainless steel with galvanized construction ensures the durability of the product. You can get this beast of a sink from Chef Buyer, with 18-month parts and labor warranty included with the purchase. 


Eagle Group 2136-3-16/4-2X Commercial Sink, (3) Three Compartment, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel

This utility sink comes with a solid construction of 16-gauge steel, and galvanized legs. Each compartment measures 12’’ wide x 21’’ front-to-back x 13.3’’ deep. Eagle Group offers this model with an 8’’ high backsplash and 8’’ high splash mounted spaces for faucet attachment. With firm, well-built legs, this unit ensures durability and sturdy operation. Lever drains can be bought separately, while basket drains come included. Chef Buyer lists this model, including a year’s parts and labor warranty guaranteed by Eagle Group.

Best Hand Washing Sink

Glastender WH-14-LF Hand Sink

The WH-14-LF by Glastender is a wall-mounted sink that measures 9.25’’ in width x 11.12’’ front-to-back and has a 6’’ deep bowl. The unit is made entirely from stainless steel and includes a soap and paper towel dispenser. Splashes on either side can be bought as accessories, along with a heavy-duty faucet. Drain fittings are included with the purchase. A year’s parts and labor warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer when you purchase from Chef Buyer. 

Best Bar Sink

PerlickCorporation TS362CA Underbar Sink Unit, 2 Compartment, Stainless Steel

Avoid delays for your bar staff with a premium range bar sink that can be installed right under the countertop. Each compartment measures approximately 16’’ wide x 16.25’’ front-to-back x 15’’ deep bowl. Perlick ensures quality construction with industrial-grade stainless steel. 4’’ high faucet holes and two 1.5’’ drains are included with the unit. The construction also offers a 12’’ high standpipe that can be detached. Chef Buyer lists this unit and Perlick Corporation offers 12-month parts and labor warranty with the purchase. 

Best Portable Sink

Eagle Group MSS2424SC-X Mobile Soak Sink

Built with a solid 14-gauge stainless steel construction, the MS S2424SC-X is a portable asset that can come in handy when you’re facing rush hours or are catering to an outdoor order. The unit measures 28’’ wide x 28’’ high and 20’’ deep. The legs are built from strong 16-gauge stainless steel and have attached wheels with two brakes. Eagle offers this unit with a removable and perforated lift-out basket, lever drains, and a removable chute. Parts and labor warranty are included with the purchase. 

Best Mop Sink

Eagle Group F1916-X Mop Sink

This floor mount sink offered by Eagle Group is a blessing to your janitorial staff. The construction is in premium grade 16-gauge stainless steel and the bowl measures 20’’ wide x 16’’ front to back x 8’’ deep. The unit comes with a 2’’ drain and strainer plate. A year’s worth of parts and labor warranty is included with the purchase. Chef Buyer offers a premium grade janitorial unit fit for a star-rated restaurant. 

Chef Buyer offers top-quality commercial sinks and other commercial kitchen appliances at the best market prices. You can go through our catalogs, blogs, and buying guides to make an informed purchase for your establishment. If you have further questions regarding commercial sinks, you can contact Chef Buyer’s customer support helpline or send an email during business hours. To shop for premium products, shop with Chef Buyer.

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