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Chef Buyer saw its inception with the ideal of mastering the recipe of providing chefs with kitchen equipment that they understand, appreciate, and cherish. For over 35 years, our company has consistently proven its mettle to over 1000 restaurants across the United States.

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By setting new boundaries for ourselves, we aim to bring high-grade equipment to more chefs than ever before. Just as refined taste comes with a blend of multiple spices, textures, and aromas, Chef Buyer has created a dynamic and adaptive approach to commercial kitchen equipment you can’t find elsewhere.

Be it our vast inventory, technical knowledge, professionalism, quick shipping times, or customer service that’s always here for you, you’re bound to rediscover your culinary approach while shopping with us.

Our seamless operational capabilities allow us to be of help not only to restaurants but also to hotels, institutions, small businesses, and street food operations. Chef Buyer adopts your priorities and aims to create a lasting, sustainable, and profitable relationship for years to come.

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Irresistible Commercial Kitchen Solutions Served with a Dash of Digital Convenience

Chef Buyer has put in a great deal of work to enable access to our wide range of offerings right from the convenience of your kitchen. With Chef Buyer, all you need is your phone or computer, and you can have undeterred access to our robust website, including its many features:

  • Hassle-free registration with added perks, reward points that never expire, and discounts.
  • Simplified and straightforward purchases at the click of a button.
  • Our instant price match program ensures that if you find a product on our website for a lower price anywhere else, we’ll match the price!
  • User-friendly navigation & secure payment gateways.
  • Round-the-clock support on purchases, queries, & service requests.
  • The most comprehensive catalogs, manuals, buying guides, and brochures for all varieties of commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Regular updates on new additions and the latest product launches so you’re always in the loop about the best in the business.
  • Complete background and detailed information on every brand we offer.
  • Bite-sized descriptions for your ease of reference before making a purchase
  • Regularly updated blogs, advice sheets, and recommendations on how you can optimize your commercial kitchen’s output.
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Products in Our Catalogue
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Our Garnish of Choice – Perks!

When you shop with Chef Buyer, not only can you avail the best deals on high-quality products, but also added benefits that are almost unheard of anywhere else. If you’ve worked up the appetite for a great purchase already, we offer a motley of treats to seal the deal:

  • Flat 5% off on all purchases following registration on our website.
  • With 4% off on the immediate purchase, the remaining 1% stays in your bonus account, so you can accumulate added benefits.
  • The widest range of options, with special offers to add to existing discounts.
  • Additional 2% discounts on all wire transfers, checks, ACH deposits, and payments made via Zelle.
  • Free, safe, and express shipping on all purchases.
  • Efficient and quick methods to complete large purchases.
  • Timely deliveries and installations on applicable orders.
Five Star Products from a Five Star Distributor for a Five Star Customer

Chef Buyer has built an inventory by carefully selecting the top brands on the market, making sure each product is analyzed thoroughly and reviewed by our experts. With the widest range of the best brands in the industry, we’re able to offer superior machines consistently to each of our customers. Chef Buyer distributes products that are sourced exclusively from the companies of origin.

Thanks to our massive inventory, we can elevate quality and performance while cutting you the best deals you can find on the market. Each day, more models from the best of brands make their way into the Chef Buyer warehouse and our website so that you have the comfort of ordering your equipment right away. Make the best of this business opportunity and arm your kitchen with top-of-the-line equipment.

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Free, Speedy, & Safe Deliveries

We at Chef Buyer do not settle for mediocre, and we don’t want our customers to either. To achieve this standard of operation, our company ties up only with reliable and punctual delivery partners. Your purchases include free shipping, guaranteed to reach you in the shortest possible timeframes. All orders are paramount to us and express shipping is the only option we’ve ever known.

Our logistical acumen combined with dynamic working patterns have helped us put in place a system of balance between our order books, warehouses, and delivery systems. You can rest assured that your commercial kitchen equipment will be at your establishment in packaging that’s safe, making sure you don’t have to worry about anything amiss. Your product and its secure & timely delivery are as dear to us as they are to you.

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A Versatile & Secure Shopping Experience Tailored for Chefs

Our shopping interface optimizes the information presented on every product web page to make it relevant and concise. Chef Buyer’s experts have designed a system that caters to every culinary requirement, no matter how small. The website we have crafted and the catalogs we offer collate every nitty-gritty of commercial kitchen equipment and present it in an interactive, and very readable format.

We’ve made it our priority to ensure your purchasing experience is brief and trustworthy, so you don’t have to spend too much time looking for equipment on our website. You can buy anything ranging from cutlery to commercial refrigerators with a couple of taps on your phone screen or a few clicks on the computer. Our secure payment gateways and a responsive website ensure your shopping experience remains safe, short, and sweet.

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It’s Not Just About the Equipment

Chef Buyer has an esteemed staff of experts that have lived a better part of their lives serving in and helping set up commercial kitchens. Our veterans have seen innumerable operations and have a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers. Not only do we hold mastery over maintaining a large variety of equipment, but we’re also accomplished content creators.

We post regularly updated blogs, product tips, and guides to help you with the process of operating, sustaining, and growing your commercial kitchen. Chef Buyer isn’t your typical equipment store; and we believe in optimizing professional growth for both ourselves and our customers, making sure our relationship is long, profitable, and fruitful.

Customer Service by Professionals, Not Computers

Chef Buyer's customer service and sales staff are equipped with the status quo industry knowledge and are trained specifically to help you through every step of your purchasing journey with us. Our adept customer service team can address all of your concerns, making sure your needs are met. Chef Buyer agents are committed to providing solutions that you can trust, whether it’s via email, call, or chat. We keep up with our professional obligations long after purchases and guarantee customer satisfaction on every front.

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