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All about Consistency: The Best Commercial Food Blenders for Your Establishment

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AMPTO TI15 Commercial Blender
$1,078.00 /each
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AMPTO TI25 Commercial Blender
$1,182.00 /each
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Waring CB15BU Food Blender


Waring CB15P Food Blender
Waring CB15 Food Blender
Waring CB15T Food Blender
Waring CB15SF Food Blender
Waring CB15V Food Blender
Waring CB15TSF Food Blender
Waring CB15VSF Food Blender
Waring CB15VP Food Blender

Commercial food blenders come in a variety of sizes to help you emulsify and mix several liquids, solids, and colloids. These machines have a powerful motor that concentrates its force on a narrow base, allowing you to blend several items. While these units are ideal to create smoothies, creamy soups, cocktails, and icy drinks, they’re also adept at crushing and cutting up foods like nuts, beets, celery, and carrots. Blenders range from powerful heavy-duty units to small units that are meant for limited operations. The jars of blenders vary in the material; ranging from plastic, glass and stainless steel, while the former two allow better visibility, the latter is perfect for rugged heavy-duty use. You could also get yourself multiple jars to outfit your blending unit to help you with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Chef Buyer has a long-standing reputation for providing premium quality service to all of its customers. Our experts are adept at figuring out the best options for you and your establishment. Each institution has its unique requirements that must be dealt with a personal touch, and Chef Buyer does just that. Our inventories are stocked with commercial blenders from the best manufacturers like Electrolux Professional, KitchenAid, Sammic, Globe, Waring, and Skyfood Equipment. All of your purchases are covered by company-assured warranties, and our service experts are glad to help with any questions. Here for your commercial kitchen needs, Chef Buyer is the top dog.

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