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Waring BB155 Bar Blender
Waring BB155S Bar Blender
Skyfood Equipment LI-2.0 Blender, Bar
$160.91 /each
Retail $160.91
Your price $158.23
Skyfood Equipment LI-1.5 Blender, Bar
$161.35 /each
Retail $161.35
Your price $158.66
Waring BB320 Blade Bar Blender
Waring BB300 Blade Bar Blender
Waring BB340 Blade Bar Blender
Waring BB320S Blade Bar Blender
Waring BB300S Blade Bar Blender
Waring BB340S Blade Bar Blender
Waring TBB145 TORQ 2.0 Bar Blender
Waring TBB160 TORQ 2.0 Bar Blender
Waring TBB175 TORQ 2.0 Bar Blender
Waring TBB145S6 TORQ 2.0 Blender
Waring TBB145S4 TORQ 2.0 Blender
Vitamix 62828 Blender, Bar


Skyfood Equipment TA-4.0MB Blender, Bar
$434.20 /each
Retail $434.20
Your price $426.96

If you're running a food business or a bar, you're no stranger to the importance of a blender. Whether it's puree, soup, cocktails, or smoothies, blenders are your staff's trusted helper. Commercial blenders are ideal for emulsifying foods and combining various textures into a smooth fluid or semifluid blend. While they can create exquisite margaritas at your bar, they can also deliver delicious smoothies at your breakfast bay and creamy soup for lunch. With a powerful motor that's capable of running the blades at high rates of revolutions per minute, a commercial blender can easily chop up and finely blend several soft-textured foods. It is also capable of blending moderately hard foods like certain nuts and frozen fruit. The concentration of the blades to a narrow cylindrical area enables seamless functioning and emulsification of food. If your establishment sees back-to-back customers with orders for smoothies, soups, and cocktails, heavy-duty blenders with durable jars are your go-to. If you run a small-scale operation that doesn't see as many orders, sticking to a light-duty blender should suffice. If quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business are a priority, Chef Buyer's your best choice. We source our listed products directly from the manufacturer and provide you assured warranties and support on all purchases. With brands such as Electrolux Professional, Kitchenaid Commercial, Waring, and Hamilton Beach, your choices are set to the best brands available in the market, thanks to Chef Buyer. Our support is seamless even post-purchase and satisfaction is a guarantee. Choose precision, choose Chef Buyer.

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