Remote-Cooled Ice Machines

A Quit Solution for Large Ice Production

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Ice makers are an essential part of any commercial kitchen or bar. You always need more ice than you can prepare manually, whether it’s for preparing food, serving drinks or displaying products.

Remote cooled ice makers are a great solution if you’re worried about the noise and heat of a traditional ice machine. In a remote cooled ice machine, the condenser is placed away from the rest of the machine – usually outside. They are then connected with long insulated refrigerant lines.

All the noise and heat created by the condenser is kept away from your kitchen or bar. And, if you’re based in a colder climate and keeping your condenser outside, you can use the cooler outdoor temperature to your advantage.

If you choose a remote cooled ice machine, once you’ve got your condenser rack system running, you can power multiple machines from it. This makes it an ideal solution for places that need more than one ice maker – perhaps to create different types of ice, or to cope with high demand.You’ll still need to think about what type of ice you need before purchasing, as well as how much your kitchen or bar uses each day.

Remote cooled machines are useful if you have a smaller kitchen but need a large capacity ice maker. We’re confident that there will be something for you in our range of remote cooled ice makers!

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