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Globe GLS30 Price Computing Scale
$380.00 /each
Retail $380.00
Your price $368.52
Globe GSP30B Price Computing/Label Printing Scale
$2,026.00 /each
Retail $2,026.00
Your price $1,965.81

With price computing scales, your staff can calculate the weight and compute the product's final price. These price computing scales are highly versatile and efficient. They are ideal for bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, butcher shops, and commercial kitchens. With these scales, your employees and staff can get the exact weight of the products along with their corresponding price. You can also use these scales in the kitchen to get a cost estimate for each ingredient used in a dish or recipe. You can measure the weight and the exact cost of making a dessert, dough products, and other delicious dishes. Some price computing scales come with a printer for greater convenience. You can print labels that can include price, weight, and time stamps. Price computing scales provide a quick and easy way to service your business needs. These units are available in various types and sizes. Opt for the perfect price computing scale depending upon your business needs. You can purchase tower display models that are perfect for convenience stores and large commercial operations. These price computing displays can measure product weights to many decimal points for maximum accuracy. With trade or commercial price computing scales, you can accurately measure product weights and calculate the final price.

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