Countertop Blast Chillers

Countertop Blast Chillers: Reliable and Practical Addition to the Commercial Kitchen

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AMPTO ABT-5 Tekna Blast Chiller/Freezer
$5,656.00 /each
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Beverage Air CF031AG Blast Chiller Freezer, Countertop
$8,802.16 /each
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Blast chillers, also known as flash-freezers, are used to quickly and safely bring down the temperature of food products. They can safely store food at an optimal cold temperature without the risk of them being in the danger zone of bacterial growth for too long. Countertop blast chillers save you floor space and offer the benefit of easy access within the counter area. Hot foods and cooked food products should not be left unattended with temperatures between 150-40 degrees Fahrenheit for more than four hours, as this is when the risk of bacterial contamination is at its highest. Blast chillers ensure that stored food loses heat quickly, taking as little as two hours to bring temperatures down to a safe level. A regular refrigerator isn’t powerful enough to handle this responsibility, which means that a blast chiller is a must-have appliance if you want to keep fresh foods safe for consumption. Chef Buyer has an excellent catalog of countertop blast chillers that will save you a great deal of time and effort on safe food storage. These freezers are an efficient, quick, and easy way to service your high-volume business. We also have a knowledgeable team of experts who are at your service to answer any questions. Feel free to contact us with any queries and we would be glad to help you make an informed purchase decision.   

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