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Baking On the Go: Commercial Roll-in Ovens for your Restaurant

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Baxter OV500G1EE Rotating Rack Oven  gas


Baxter Manufacturing OV500E1 Rotating Rack Oven


Baxter OV500G2EE Rotating Rack Oven  gas


Baxter Manufacturing OV500E2 Rotating Rack Oven


Large commercial kitchens require both efficiency and mobility. Commercial roll-in ovens are capable of baking, cooking, broiling, heating and cooking large quantities of food, and are built to hold rotating and mobile sheet pan racks. These ovens can function on both electricity and gas, depending on the energy source of your choice. Roll-in ovens are available in sizes that can support anywhere between racks holding 18 to 36 sheet pans, and you can make the choice depending on the volume of your operation. Equipped with powerful fans that make sure hot air reaches every inch of the material, no matter the quantity, roll-in ovens are brilliant options for establishments looking to add more to their baking menu. Modern roll-in ovens come with integrated digital controls that allow you to set the temperatures right, and even come with presets that can help your staff save time. For restaurateurs looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business, Chef Buyer always has solutions. Our catalogs are stocked with the best quality equipment you can find, sourced from top brands that have proven their worth and diligence over time. If customer satisfaction is on your mind, Chef Buyer is just a call away.

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