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Prioritize Ease of Work: Select from a Wide Range of Commercial Underbar Sinks

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Krowne Metal C-59 Standard Series
$520.50 /each
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Advance Tabco SL-HS-12-X Hand Sink


Advance Tabco CR-HS-12-X Hand Sink


Advance Tabco SL-HS-15-X Hand Sink


Advance Tabco CR-HS-15-X Hand Sink


Advance Tabco DBS-2 Bar Sink


Eagle Group WSSDI12-15 Spec-Bar® Wall Mount Sink


John Boos UBDS-1812 Underbar Sink Units
$1,723.00 /each
Retail $1,723.00
Your price $669.98
John Boos UBDS-2112 Underbar Sink Units
$1,802.00 /each
Retail $1,802.00
Your price $700.68

If you're looking to streamline the working bay at your bar, you should outfit the area with an underbar sink. Bartenders have to wash glasses, flasks, and their hands multiple times throughout work and it becomes a tedious task if the sink is placed away from the counter. To make things easier, underbar sinks are designed in ways to cater to exactly this need. Your bar staff can avoid unnecessary effort, thanks to this handy stainless-steel sanitation solution. Though smaller than usual sinks considering the limited space available for outfitting, they're capable of handling several wares at a time. They come with deck or splash mount faucets and backsplashes to prevent splattering. Made with galvanized and rust-resistant stainless steel, underbar sinks are workhorses of the bar sanitation process. You can accessorize these sinks with drainboards to allow your wares to dry off. Based on your requirements, underbar sinks are available in either single or multiple compartments. Chef Buyer focuses on giving you quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Our service experts have chosen top brands such as Eagle, Perlick, Krowne, and Advance Tabco to help you make premium purchases for your establishment at affordable rates. Chef Buyer's service guarantee includes valuable advice from our experts, flexible financing options, and company-assured warranties on all of your purchases. If you're looking to make things easier for your bartenders, it's time you give Chef Buyer a call.

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