Specialty Sinks

A Wide Array of Commercial Specialty Sinks that are Perfect for Your Needs

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Power Soak SS-S-208-1 Silver Soak  Sink


Power Soak SS-S-230-1 Silver Soak  Sink


Power Soak SS-W-230-1  Silver Soak  Sink


Power Soak SS-W-208-1 Silver Soak  Sink


Power Soak SS-M-115-1 Silver Soak  Sink


Commercial specialty sinks are essential for institutions, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. At Chef Buyer, you can select from a wide array of commercial specialty sinks that are perfect for your needs. Specialty sinks are made from stainless steel or other durable materials.  You can either go for a single or multi-compartment specialty sink depending upon your business needs. Single compartment models are good for tight spaces, while the multi-compartment options are perfect for big restaurants, hotels, and institutions.  All specialty sinks are designed for specific needs. Specialty sinks can come with hands-free features, which are perfect for restaurants, offices, and other commercial establishments. You can buy a standalone specialty sink that can be placed anywhere with a plumbing connection, or you can go for specialty drop-in sinks that can be directly installed into countertops. You can also choose from a host of specialty sinks like specialty gourmet sinks, specialty sinks with strainers, sinks with dishwashers, sinks with handwashing options; and sinks with mop-bucket fillers. Chef Buyer helps you find the best specialty sinks for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. You can also browse through our equipment catalog to get the best appliances for your commercial establishment.

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