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FMP 280-2322 Portion Control Scale
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Dial portion scales are perfect for restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, grocery stores, butcher shops, and other institutions. These units provide an accurate way of weighing ingredients and food products. With mechanical dial portion scales, you can get exact measurements of different food items like chicken, meat, tomatoes, onions, flour, salt, and sugar. With dial portion scales, you can measure food items in a quick and easy manner. Dial portion scales are highly reliable, and they don't need to be plugged in to work. You can use these mechanical scales literally anywhere. These compact dial units can be conveniently placed anywhere in your kitchen, storage area, and convenience store. These mechanical units are perfect for prolonged usage, and dial scales can last for years without any issues. As these mechanical scales have a frill-free design, these are extremely low cost to maintain. These units are highly versatile, and you can weigh pizza dough, condiments, and other essential ingredients before making a dish. These units come with a variety of weight ranges; you can choose the perfect unit designed for your business needs. Dial portion scales’ simple design makes them extremely easy to use, and these come equipped with a platform, internal housing, and spring mechanisms. Most units are made from durable stainless steel for prolonged usage.

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