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Ice and water are essentials everywhere. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, canteen or any foodservice establishment or workplace, your customers and staff will appreciate having ice and water on hand. Combination ice and water dispensers are a great way to save space in smaller work areas. There’s no need for two appliances when one can provide everything you need! These machines serve chilled water and ice at the touch of a button, making life easy when you need a drink quickly. Whether your staff will use the equipment or you plan on making it available to customers as self-service, you’ll be pleased to find that most ice and water dispensers are quick and easy to operate. When selecting an ice and water dispenser, you should consider the type of ice you want, as well as how much ice and water you’ll use. Our machines have different capacities and can produce enough to satisfy even the busiest bar or restaurant! Alternatively, if you don’t get through as much ice and water, we have models with a lower capacity to save on storage space. Ice and water dispensers are available in water-cooled and air-cooled models, and if you’re struggling to find the extra space, we even have countertop models. We’re confident that our range of ice and water dispensers will have something for you.

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