Blue Air Air-Cooled Ice Machines

Excellent Choice if You’re Looking for Affordable and Energy Efficient Ice Makers

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Ice makers are important in all kinds of foodservice establishments. Whether you run a bar, restaurant or staff canteen, you probably need ice for your food and drinks. Commercial ice makers can produce large amounts of ice very quickly, so you’ll always have enough ice on hand. Different ice machines can produce different amounts, so consider how much you need before purchasing. Air-cooled ice machines are a popular choice. Compared to water-cooled machines, they are often easier and cheaper to install, as they don’t need to be plumbed in to a water supply. They’re energy efficient, cheaper to run and work really well in indoor environments with stable temperatures. Your air-cooled ice machine will need to be installed somewhere with plenty of room for air circulation. When choosing a location for your ice maker, remember that ice machines can be loud. Before choosing your air-cooled ice machine, you should consider what type of ice you want. Different machines can produce different kinds of ice, including cubes, flaked and nugget ice. Some forms of ice are ideally suited to soft drinks, whereas others are better for spirits, cocktails, or even food preparation and display. Different shapes and densities will melt at differing rates.

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