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Several foods don't react well to the gradual cooling and freezing offered by regular refrigerators and coolers. Bacterial growth, crystallization, and contamination are some of the common issues faced by certain foods when placed in a run-of-the-mill refrigerator. Foods like ice creams, gelatos, hot and uncooked items all require a fridge that can bring down internal temperatures rapidly. Blast chillers are just the item for this job. They achieve freezing lows from room temperature within a couple of hours, making sure your food doesn't crystallize or face the rigors of microbial growth. Several foods must be placed outside of the 150F and 40F range for over four hours. Blast chillers, or shock freezers, can avoid this period of risk while maintaining the integrity of your food. Rapid freezing also allows your foods to retain their texture when thawed out since the sudden cooling prevents small ice crystals from forming within them. This is especially important for cold desserts.If you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, Chef Buyer is at your service with customized Blast Chilling solutions. We sell items from top-tier brands like Electrolux, Beverage-Air, Convotherm, and Victory Refrigeration. Keep your cooling station equipped with the best products you can buy at the best prices. Chef Buyer also offers custom solutions based on the unique requirements faced by your establishment. For 100% customer satisfaction, reach out to Chef Buyer.

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