Piper Products/Servolift Eastern Hot and Cold Serving Counters

Duality isn’t a Bad Thing: Premium Hot & Cold Serving Counters for your Restaurant

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Equipment capable of handling both hot and cold varieties of food can help you save both space and resources. Hot and cold food wells are capable of turning into either steam tables or insulated refrigeration units based on your preference and the settings. They can help you serve a buffet line efficiently, adding to your existing arsenal of food wells and cold serving counters. Having an extra deck for handling customers is always valuable, especially when the unit is a versatile hot and cold serving counter. These units are effective options if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to serve your high-volume business. Hot and cold serving counters are offered in a long range of designs and capacities to accommodate a varied set of requirements. Be it a condiment station, dessert stand, or a hot food serving station, the hot & cold serving counter can take it all. Chef Buyer has been in the commercial kitchen industry long enough to understand the varied needs of its customers, owing to the dynamic nature of the kitchen. We have a team of erudite experts and veterans that will address each requirement while suggesting equipment only from the best manufacturers in the market. Be sure to check out offerings from Delfield, Lakeside, Piper Products, Eagle, and Cambro. Our products are all backed by company assured warranties. You can find premium-grade equipment and offerings at Chef Buyer for great prices that are bound to meet your budget. Believe in excellence, trust Chef Buyer.

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