Hatco Crepe Makers

Crispy for Days: Top-tier Commercial Crepe Makers for your Establishment

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Crepe makers allow your chefs to make delicious crepes and pancakes on their flat surfaces. These machines are built especially for cooking crepes to perfection, distributing heat uniformly throughout the cooking surface. The surface is made of iron or steel construction that has a high capacity for heat. Crepe makers range between fourteen and sixteen inches in diameter, giving you ample space to work on your crepe by adding toppings and condiments. The device comes with ingenious controls and an efficient thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of the plate by buttons or a rotating regulator. Crepe makers are available in both gas and electric varieties, giving you the option of choosing a model based on the energy source of your preference. Crepe makers can also be used as merchandisers, as customers find the crepe-making process highly entertaining, helping you attract impulse sales. Chef Buyer has the largest collection of commercial kitchen equipment sorted into ordered and easy-to-use catalogs, helping you throughout the purchasing process. Our experts are well-versed in the nuanced requirements of chefs and restaurateurs that are looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business. When versatility is your endeavor, Chef Buyer is your go-to dealership.

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