Blue Air Crescent Cubes Ice Makers

Catch Your Patron’s Attention by Purchasing Crescent Cube Ice Makers

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Crescent cube ice is an unconventional and interesting way to catch your patron’s attention. These cubes are not exactly shaped in the form of a crescent, but more in the way of half-cylinders. Because of how they are formed, these cubes are clear and hard, making them an ideal choice for bars and pubs. Hard ice melts more slowly and does not dilute the drink as easily as softer ice. At Chef Buyer, we have an excellent, quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. We have an excellent choice of crescent cube ice makers for you to choose from and ideally match your requirements. The appliances we stock can make anywhere between 300-700 lbs. of ice in a 24-hour period. A number of these machines are air-cooled, which are the most economical to set up in a commercial location. We also stock accessories such as water filtration systems, ice bins, and cleaning supplies for these machines to deliver a complete package. Whatever your ice making needs may be, Chef Buyer has you covered. We have an excellent range of crescent ice cube makers for you to choose from, so do take advantage of our cherry-picked selection.

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