Admiral Craft Full-Dice Ice Machines

This Classic Ice Cube Shape is Ideal For Any Establishment

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Full dice ice is the kind that you automatically think of – the traditional ice cube. They’re the same shape as traditional dice, which gives them their name. These cubes are great for drinks that you don’t want to be over diluted. They take longer to melt than some other types of ice, so they’ll keep a drink cold without watering it down too quickly. They look great in a glass, too! You might be looking for full dice ice machines to make ice cubes for drinks, adding to coolers to chill food, or plenty of other reasons. Full dice ice cubes make great all-purpose ice – there’s a reason they’re the most traditionally popular type of ice. An ice machine is an essential if you run a bar or a commercial kitchen. It’ll save your kitchen or bar team time and effort. When purchasing your full dice ice machine, it’s important to consider a few points. How much ice do you need each day? Commercial ice machines can produce large amounts of ice very quickly, but their capacities differ, and you should ensure you buy a machine that can keep up with your customers’ needs. Remember that you may need ice storage too! What size of ice cubes do you need? Larger dice will melt more slowly, but may take longer for the machine to produce. Where will you install your ice machine? Some ice machines can be quite loud, and some may need to be plumbed into a water system. Whatever your needs, we’re sure you’ll find a great full dice ice machine in our range!

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