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Blakeslee G-3000 Glasswasher


Glass washer machines provide excellent cleaning and handling functionality for delicate glassware and stemware at your commercial establishment. Crafted to provide unmatched cleanliness and delicate treatment of your most fragile implements, all-purpose dishwashers pale in comparison to the specialization, speed, and space usage of glass washer machines. Glass washer machines are available in the rotary/carousel style, pass-through/conveyer style, and door-type styles, where the former two are best-suited for larger establishments and the latter for small to mid-sized bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. Their efficiency and productivity are measured in racks/hour or glasses/hour, and even the standard glass washer machine can seamlessly wash an impressive 1200 glasses per hour. Glass washer machines prevent the frequent chipping and damage of glasses during washing, an avoidable phenomenon all-too-common at the average bar. Apart from saving expenses on new glassware, these appliances also help establishments save on labor expenses for dedicated glass washers. Operable by no more than one or two buttons, their ease of usability is another notable benefit. Given the variability in their size and model types, make sure to purchase a glass washer machine that perfectly fits your establishment. With turnaround times per glass under a neat 90 seconds, the commercial glass washer machine is an excellent choice for its speed, affordability, and efficiency.

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