Blue Air Ice Machines with Bin

Meeting All Your Ice-making Requirements

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At Chef Buyer, our selection of ice machines is specifically picked to represent the best in terms of value and ease of use. Our picks for ice machines with a bin represent industry-leading appliances with a hassle-free, all-in-one operation. We offer ice makers from premium brands such as Manitowoc, Scotsman, Follett Corp and Hoshizaki as well as superior brands like Ice-O-Matic and Blue Air. We also offer a diverse selection of machines in terms of ice production - whether you would prefer your ice to be full-dice, half-dice, flake, nugget, bullet or even crescent-shaped. Chef Buyer has an excellent, quick and easy options to service your high-volume business. You can find options that can produce ice anywhere in the range of 10-600 lbs. every 24 hours, and you can make your purchase decision depending on your usage and budget. If you have a well-ventilated area to install the ice machine, we recommend air-cooled models. The water-cooled models work best for warmer climates or if ventilation in the installation area is limited. We also stock accessories such as water filtration systems and cleaning supplies to meet all your ice-making requirements. At Chef Buyer, we have a diverse range of all-in-one ice machines and we are sure that we can help you find a suitable appliance for your commercial needs.

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