Follett Hotel Ice Dispensers

Save Space, Conserve Energy: Get an Ice & Water Dispenser for your Hotel

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If you have a continuous demand for cold, refreshing cubes of ice and also want to manage the supply of drinking water, a combination ice and water dispenser is your best bet. They can range from compact models sitting on your countertops to large machines that come with self-contained ice bins. These devices carry a lower carbon footprint as they combine the activities of ice making and chilling water. Another important advantage of these machines is the amount of space and money they can save you over time, factors that are very important when managing a hotel. Despite their compact size and multi-faceted purpose, the ice and water dispensers can dish out high volumes of ice. Per-day yields range from around a hundred pounds to nearly a thousand pounds. Chef Buyer believes that you can make your operation efficient, profitable, and streamlined with the right kind of machinery. We offer the best ice and water dispensers on the market to help you achieve your goals with your hotel. Our custom solutions are designed by our specialists to fit your nuanced requirements and style of functioning. A quick and easy way to servicing your high-volume business is merely a click away. Shop top-quality products, only at Chef Buyer.

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