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Atosa USA, Inc. PPM-10 PrepPal Planetary Mixer
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Atosa USA, Inc. PPM-20 PrepPal Planetary Mixer
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Mixers are invaluable to the commercial kitchen. These heavy-duty appliances can be used to prepare large volumes of dough, sauces, and soups. Whether you run a bakery, a pizzeria, or a restaurant, commercial mixers come in handy especially when a large quantity of ingredients requires mixing. Commercial mixers come with various attachments that are specially designed for efficiency. Hooks are useful for kneading dough, beaters are vital for mixing sauces, and blending attachments are perfect for creating soups. Commercial stand mixers can be subcategorized into planetary and spiral-dough mixers. Planetary mixers feature a stationary bowl and a moving attachment which does the mixing work. Conversely, spiral mixers have bowls that rotate around the mixing attachment. Because of their versatility, planetary mixers can be used to whip up meringues, knead dough, and make batters. Spiral mixers are specialized for preparing large volumes of dough and are perfect for bread-making. Chef Buyer also offers some of the best handheld mixers that can be operated by a single hand, while steadying the bowl with the other. These mixers can also be clipped on the side of the mixing bowl for hands-free operation and are an excellent choice for pureeing and blending foods. Chef Buyer features the widest range of mixers from industry-leading brands like Electrolux Professional, Hobart and KitchenAid Commercial to offer you a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. If you’re in the market for a commercial mixer for your establishment, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you make an informed decision.

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