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Refrigerated countertop condiment holders are an essential part of salad bars, sandwich places, pizzerias, restaurants, convention centers, and institutions. With refrigerated countertop condiment holders, you can store condiments or ingredients at ideal temperatures for a prolonged period. These are great for buffets and places where customers can customize their serving. Condiment holders come in various sizes; purchase one depending upon your requirements. The holders are designed to hold food pans and store ingredients or fresh food products. Condiment holders can hold full-size, half-size, or one-third-size plastic or metal pans. You can purchase condiment holders with multiple sections to store four or more ingredients at ideal temperatures. Refrigerated countertop condiment holders are designed to fit countertops for easy accessibility and save up space in your kitchen. Choose from countertop condiment holders that are insulated or uninsulated. Most countertop condiment holders are made from durable and non-corrosive stainless steel. You can opt for a glass or stainless steel lid cover for your refrigerated countertop condiment holders to prevent energy loss.  Countertop condiment holders come with essential features like an electronic thermostat with a digital display and eco-friendly refrigerant. Chef Buyer helps you find the best refrigerated countertop condiment holders for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Browse through our kitchen equipment catalog to make the best appliance purchases for your commercial establishment.

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