Piper Products/Servolift Eastern Dunnage Racks

Bulk Storage Simplified: High-quality Dunnage Racks for your Restaurant

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Piper Products/Servolift Eastern WR3 Wall Rack


If you're looking for simple and cost-effective solutions to your bulk storage problems, dunnage racks are an excellent solution to your needs. They can be used to supplement your existing storage solutions like racks, shelves, tables, and also storage options for roll-in refrigerators. Dunnage racks are compact, durable, and can support large weights like bulk material, equipment, and produce. They're available in both stationary and mobile options that can be used based on the items you intend on storing. These racks can help you manage storage efficiently, are easy to move around, and maintain due to their compact size. The mobile units come with durable caster wheels that can help with easy maneuvering throughout the kitchen. You can wheel around the required material wherever you please with minimal effort. Dunnage racks are made of aluminum, polymers and in some varieties, even alloys. Available in heavy-duty models and standard varieties, dunnage racks can also be purchased based on carrying capacity and load-bearing capability. Choose from intuitive and simple solutions to your storage problems when you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Choose from acclaimed dunnage rack producers to invest in the right product.

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