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MVP Group LLC 777 Jet-Tech Pot
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Chefs are obsessed with perfectly clean and stain-free utensils. To get perfectly clean pots and pans, you will need utensil washers for your commercial kitchen. Utensil washers are ideal for high-volume establishments like large restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other large commercial kitchens. You can clean various types of kitchen utensils with these utensil washers. These models are highly efficient, and you can remove deep oil stains without putting in any physical effort. Large automatic utensil washers can clean up to 20-25 racks of dirty utensils per hour. Most utensil washers come with a split-door design for hassle-free usage. These automatic models also come equipped with one-touch controls; you can switch on the power, operate the timer, and control the temperature. These units can come equipped with a flat grid, tray track, flat bottom rack, and pre-rinse spray hose, and a drain pump. Opt for an ‘Energy Star’ certified utensil washer for your establishment. With these models, you can save thousands of dollars yearly on energy bills. Some utensil washers use two revolving upper and lower wash-arms for cleaning. These wash-warms anti-clog wash and rinse arms are extremely useful. And these models also come with advanced features like vent fan controls, temperature boosters, and stainless steel body for durability.  With utensil washers, you can remove super greasy oil stains from your favorite pots and pans. Before purchasing any utensil washer, make sure to look into its build quality and design to find the best utensil washers for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business.

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