Univex Vacuum Chamber Bags

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Univex VPB SMALL VPB Small Bags  15 x 20 cm
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Univex VPB MEDIUM VPB Medium Bags  20 x 30 cm
Retail $57.60
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Univex VPB LARGE VPB Large Bags  30 x 40 cm
Retail $111.60
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Vacuum chamber bags are ideal for different types of commercial foodservice applications. You can preserve foods inside vacuum packaging and prevent the contamination of food. These vacuum chamber bags offer an efficient way of preserving food products. You can store unprocessed, raw, or cooked food in vacuum chamber bags. These units provide a quick and easy method of storing food products. Vacuum chamber bags provide vacuum sealing to keep ingredients and food products from drying out. These bags are perfect for restaurants, cafes, diners, schools, hospitals, and institutions. With these sealer bags, you can store meats, chicken, vegetables and cut fruits efficiently. You can vacuum seal leftovers and cooked food before freezing them in a commercial freezer. You can also defrost frozen food products by placing these vacuum-sealed bags directly in the microwave or hot water. You can use these bags for direct cooking as well. You can place vegetables and other ingredients in a sealed bag, and then you can cook it in boiling water. In this cooking method, the flavor of all the ingredients is retained. You can purchase vacuum sealer bags in a variety of sizes and styles depending upon your business needs. You can also purchase external vacuum sealers that need special mesh bags, while chamber vacuum sealers don't need mesh bags.

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