LaCrosse Cooler Angle Fillers

No More Spaces: Premium Underbar Fillers for Your Operation

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With a space as crowded as a bar, your mixologists and bar staff have to be quick with restocking equipment, glassware, condiments, and also while making pours and serving drinks. This requires a fairly outstretched area that can help them with managing all of these activities as they try and keep the mess to a minimum. While commercial underbar drainboards exist to ensure there are no sticky and slippery messes dotting the bar or countertop, there are bound to be gaps when you have corners in your bar. The ideal solution to have continuity despite corners are underbar angle fillers. These units can help you fill up those corner spaces while ensuring the drainboards remain intact and your staff even gets to use the corner space for their prep work without having to worry about creating a slush. Made out of stainless steel, these angler fillers mount between two other fixed drainboards or objects and are available in varieties of 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees. They have front rails to match the adjacent equipment and are equipped with a threaded drain and a drain pan that can connect directly to the sewage. Simple yet effective options like angler fillers come in handy when you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Be sure to choose from the best angle fillers to continue providing seamless service at the bar.

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