LaCrosse Cooler Bar Ice Display Cases

Bar Ice Display Cases - Display Your Chilled Beverages in Style

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Bar ice display cases showcase your beverage selection and keep bottles chilled so that they can be served cold to the customer. These cases can be topped off with ice and the beverages can be nestled inside to make them look frosty and inviting. These cases feature double-walled glass panes to minimize heat loss and stainless steel trim to match other appliances in the back bar area. Refilling beverage bottles is as easy as inserting them from the open-top, while still keeping the labels visible so that customers can make their selection. Drain pans at the bottom channel water away from the unit and keeps the inside dry and frosty. Smaller models can also be used to display chilled items like prepackaged salads and fruit cups. Since these cases are well insulated, they can hold ice for long periods of time without forming puddles or condensation droplets. Our extensive catalog of ice display cases is sure to be an efficient, quick, and easy way to service your high-volume business. We believe in providing the highest levels of customer service in addition to competitive market prices. Do take a look at our selection and if you require any assistance to make an informed purchase decision, our dedicated customer service team is always available to guide you.

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