Globe Commercial Immersion Blenders

Commercial Immersion Blenders are Versatile Pieces of Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen

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Globe GIB500-12 Immersion Blender
$533.00 /each
Retail $533.00
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Globe GIB750-14 Immersion Blender
$680.00 /each
Retail $680.00
Your price $659.34
Globe GIB750-16 Immersion Blender
$733.00 /each
Retail $733.00
Your price $711.51
Globe GIB750-18 Immersion Blender
$867.00 /each
Retail $867.00
Your price $841.38
Globe GIB750-22 Immersion Blender
$934.00 /each
Retail $934.00
Your price $905.76

With a commercial immersion blender, you can quickly whip cream, mix batters, and blend other food items. Commercial immersion blenders are perfect for restaurants, bakeries, cafes, catering businesses, and other commercial kitchens. At Chef Buyer you can choose from different kinds of commercial immersion blenders that will meet your requirements. You can select a commercial immersion blender with different shaft lengths -  buy an immersion blender with a longer shaft for deep stock pots. Immersion blenders are quite powerful and come with different speed settings. You can choose between standard and light-duty units. While standard units are great for heavy usage, light-duty models are good for small restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Remote or cordless commercial immersion blenders are quite handy, and you can use them anywhere for blending tasks. Commercial immersion blenders make your job easier, as you can blend things faster than a traditional hand mixer or beater. Chef Buyer helps you find the best commercial immersion blenders for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. You can also browse our kitchen equipment catalog to get the best appliances for your commercial establishment.

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