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Sterilization Done Right: Top-quality Booster Heaters for your Restaurant

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Dishwashing is essential to your operation's compliance with the food and health codes of the area, meaning taking necessary precautions is essential for the functioning of your business. For establishments that use a high-temperature dishwasher for cleaning and sanitizing their wares, a booster heater is an absolute necessity. These units ensure there's a steady supply of heated water for each batch. The water is kept at temperatures above 180 Fahrenheit, ensuring it kills off all the potential microbes and spores while removing residue, grease, and other remains on the dishes and glasses. Booster heaters come in different capacities that start at around six gallons and can go up to large models that are capable of holding more than 15 gallons. They come with a stainless steel exterior that protects the booster inside that heats the water. Coupling the booster heater with a filtering unit can extend its life and prevent nasty salt & mineral buildups that can potentially damage the boosters. Boosters are ideal for the final stage of dishwashing and sanitation that involves the spraying of hot, steaming water to improve sanitation. Improve existing equipment with ingenious solutions like booster heaters while you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. The best booster heaters are here to help you maintain a clean and safe restaurant.

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