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Maxx Cold Maxximum MIM100 Air-Cooled Ice Maker with Bin, Bullet Shaped Ice, 22.13" W
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Maxx Cold Maxximum MIM250 Air-Cooled Ice Maker with Bin, Full-Dice, 24.00" W
Retail $2,399.00
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Ice machines are a key piece of equipment in every bar, restaurant and other foodservice establishment. They’re a quick and easy source of ice! There are many different types of ice, and most ice makers will only produce one type. Bullet shaped ice makers are perfect for you if you use bullet ice regularly. You can easily recognise bullet shaped ice with its distinctive shape – cylindrical, like a bullet, hence the name. It’s usually hollow and often cloudy or white. This ice cools drinks extra fast but also melts quickly. Because of this, it’s great for drinks that need to be cold straightaway and might be consumed quickly. It’s often used in carbonated and mixed beverages. When you’re purchasing an bullet shaped ice maker, you should consider whether you want an air-cooled or water-cooled model. If you can plumb your ice maker into the water system, a water-cooled machine works well in hot environments and is usually quieter. However, air-cooled machines are easier to install and have lower running costs. It’s also important to think about how much space you have available in your kitchen or bar. Some of our countertop ice makers are ideal for smaller spaces, and we also have much larger machines. Whatever your bar or kitchen’s needs, we have the right ice maker for you!

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