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Cabinet bases: The Storage Wizard

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Cabinet bases are an excellent option for storage, providing multi-purpose functionality for your establishment. Cabinets are mainly of three types - wall cabinets, base cabinets, and columnar cabinets. Apart from storage, a good cabinet base will also provide an excellent platform for your prep work. Cabinet bases have different kinds of storage: Pull out cabinet bases: These cabinet bases are a great option for storing items that you use frequently. Pull-out cabinet bases have well-designed storage racks to make sure that no item falls out when you pull these cabinets. Easy access cabinet bases: These cabinet bases closely resemble a fridge set up, but are miniature in size. Equipped with middle shelves, easy access cabinet bases provide good storage space. The inner door also has handy racks added to it so that you can pull out frequently used items. Corner cabinet bases: Situated handily in the corners of your kitchen or workstation, corner cabinets are a great way of making use of free space. Use rotating shelves to make the most of your space without reaching into dark corners. Two-drawer cabinet bases: Cabinet bases with two drawers are among the most popular cabinet bases.  They provide 100% visibility of the contents of the drawer, thus improving your access to equipment. You can use storage racks in two drawer cabinet bases to segment your cutlery and devices according to your needs. Super cabinet bases: Super cabinet bases provide you with plenty of storage options. They contain pull-out racks, pull-out shelves, and shelves on the inside of the cabinets. This combination of super cabinet bases will provide you with the ultimate storage experience. Chef buyer provides a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Make use of the high-level functionality of cabinet bases to ensure you’re always on top of your storage game, and also have a smooth surface upon which you can work.

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