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Southbend P12C-L Low Boy Cabinet
Retail $2,607.50
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Southbend P24C-L Low Boy Cabinet
Retail $3,342.50
Your price $3,029.31
Southbend P36C-L Low Boy Cabinet
Retail $4,885.00
Your price $4,427.28

Storage forms an integral aspect of running a smooth and efficient restaurant. Whether you're looking to store wares, condiments, spices, dry material, or spare parts & accessories, dedicated space for storage is a must. Material lying around on countertops will create confusion among staff and lead to haphazard management of the day-to-day activities in the kitchen. With commercial cabinets at your side, you can ensure the material remains concealed, safe, and organized. Cabinets can also be customized based on your requirements and can be placed in a variety of areas like under the kitchen countertops, in the underbar, over the tables and to supplement the ware washing areas. Existing cabinets also come with the option for modification with additional shelves, drainboards, concealing drawers, and extensions to make dual cabinet spaces. Built from stainless steel construction, these cabinets are easy to clean and corrosion-resistant so you can rest assured about their duration of service. Be sure to involve your chef and designer in the discussion before outfitting your kitchen with commercial cabinets. Factoring storage options is essential to both the management of your commercial kitchen, and to find quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Choose from high-quality commercial cabinets and cabinet accessories to ensure unhindered storage at your restaurant.

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