Perlick Carousel Style Rotary

Invest in a Carousel Style Rotary Glass Washers for Quick Service

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Perlick Corporation PKC24 Underbar Glass Washer
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A carousel-style rotary is a handy appliance to add efficiency to your kitchen operations. If you run a bar or coffee shop, a glass washer of this style is a must-have addition to your list of commercial kitchen equipment. Especially during happy hours, this equipment can help serve your long line of customers. Since the carousel rotates continuously, your staff does not have to wait long for washed glasses and can keep up with the pace of your business. This equipment can wash up to 1,200 glasses per hour. At Chef Buyer, our line of carousel-style rotary glass washers are curated to provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. To operate these simple machines, your staff or bartender need only load the glasses into the glasswasher and wait for the carousel to complete a full round to unload washed glasses. By simplifying loading and unloading, these machines are not only  easier to operate, but they also provided greater washing speeds for high loads compared to other washers. This washer can fit into any compact space in your establishment easily. Its automatic conveyor system protects the glassware from any damage. As this equipment cannot retain heat due to its open loading system, it only uses low-temperature chemical sanitizers.

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