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Curtis OMSCR Service Cart


Curtis OMSCP Service Cart


Add a display cart to your purchase list if you wish to generate additional income from your cafe, outdoor kiosk, and convenience store. With display carts, you can easily store and maneuver items across your store or commercial establishment. These carts are great for merchandising, as you can store and sell goods easily. Display carts are available in different sizes and shapes. Opt for the right-sized wooden finish display cart or stainless steel display cart depending upon your requirements. Stainless steel display carts are more popular than other types of display carts due to their sturdiness. The stainless steel body can withstand heavy usage and accidental bumps that happen in a commercial environment. Some display carts have front panels that can accommodate brand signage and laminate end panels for optional oval inserts. Display carts come equipped with four casters for easy maneuverability. These resilient casters come with swivel and brake mechanisms for easy movement. For storing products, display carts come with reversible wire shelves with adjustable angles or simple rack systems.  These display carts are ideal for storing and merchandising chocolates, donuts, bread, and other food items. Display carts are perfect for convenience stores, cafes, offices, malls, and offices. You can also store and merchandise other products depending upon your business needs.

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