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Secure Dinnerware: Premium Dome Storage Carts for your Operation

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Whether it's a plastic underliner, plastic dome, or metal dry dome, you will need dedicated space to store them so they can be put away safely and accessed at any given moment. Dome storage carts can help organize your ware washing bay and also aid in the drying of your wares as they come with supported racks that make space for dripping and air drying. The racks on these carts are supported by side rails that are directly linked to the base. Dome storage racks are commonly made of stainless steel or aluminum. They are all made of corrosion-resistant material that gives you a long-lasting investment. These units can also be customized with additional racks made of plastic or fiber resin to improve their functionality. Endowed with heavy-duty casters, dome storage racks can be wheeled around anywhere throughout the kitchen, reducing effort and improving productivity. They also come with dish racks and other inserts to help you do more with a single storage unit. When you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, ensure you select simple, and efficient storage options like dome storage carts. Choose from the best quality units to ensure that you have a reliable storage solution for your restaurant at all times.

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