Heated Dish Carts

Hot & Warm Dishes Served! Best Quality Heated Dish Carts For Your Business

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Heated dish carts are perfect for large restaurants, cafes, schools, hospitals, and other commercial establishments. With heated dish carts, you can serve your patrons piping hot dishes with ease. Most heated dish carts come with two compartments to store dishes. The stainless steel body of heated dish carts is durable and can withstand heavy usage. These carts come equipped with 4” swivel casters as standard. You can upgrade two of the casters with additional brakes for better stability and control. Some of these also come with 5” swivel casters with ball bearing seals. With these high-quality casters, you can maneuver the carts easily across your kitchen or dining space.  For preventing dents and accidental bumps, you can also add additional corner bumpers and full perimeter non-marking bumpers. Most heated dish carts need 120 volts single phase connection to operate. A 500W powers these carts to a 1000W heating element to heat dishes. With these high-end heated dish carts, you can store multiple dishes at a time. These carts also come with an extra-low enclosed type storage system that provides easy accessibility. Your staff can effortlessly use this for providing exemplary service to your patrons. With heated dish carts, you can serve your patrons deliciously hot and warm dishes throughout the day!

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