Induction Carts

Mobile Cooking on Wheels! Purchase The Best Quality Induction Carts For Your Business

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Induction carts are perfect for large restaurants, events, seminar halls, and institutions. You can serve hot and delicious dishes to your patrons throughout the day with induction carts. These carts have been designed for a multitude of uses. You can cook, saute, and make huge quantities of food effortlessly. These induction carts are highly efficient. With these carts, you can serve your patrons sauteed vegetables, a bowl of soup, and fried cheese balls throughout the day. Most induction carts come with a drop leaf design for ease of access. Some carts carry a laminate interior and wood veneer exterior for a sleek look. These induction carts have been designed to look perfect and to blend with your existing background. To operate an induction cart, you will need to plug it into an electrical socket. These induction carts come equipped with a 1500W to 3000W induction heating element for higher efficiency. You can purchase these splendid induction carts with four swivel wheels and brakes for easy maneuverability. Induction carts usually come with twin compartments in the lower cavity. In these cabinets or compartments, you can store your essential food ingredients. Induction carts are highly efficient and mobile; you can use them in events, buffets, and any place that has a working power socket.

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