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Southbend PCF48 Caster Frame
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Southbend PCF96 Caster Frame

Commercial shelvings are essential for various types of commercial establishments. Stainless steel shelvings are ideal for restaurants, cafes, diners, schools, hospitals, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other institutions. For setting up a shelving storage unit, you will need some essential parts like channel shelving frames. With channel frames, you can stack multiple layers of shelves. Channel frames are highly efficient and convenient. With these frames, you can quickly set up your shelving effortlessly. Most channel frames are made from durable stainless steel. Stainless steel channel frames provide stability and can withstand heavy usage. These units are also non-corrosive, and you can place them in wet and humid conditions. Some channel frames are also made from chrome or other durable materials. They come in various sizes; you can opt for a commercial channel frame depending upon your business needs. Most channel frames have a 3-sided design. They can come with a double snake frame made from heavy-gauge stainless steel.  These frames can hold hundreds of pounds of products. With channel frames, you can easily store sacks of rice, flour, sugar, and salt. Channel frames provide a quick and easy way to store essential items in commercial establishments. You can purchase a commercial channel shelving frame depending upon your business needs.

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