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“Black, No Sugar Please”: High-quality Coffee Decanters for your Restaurant

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Whether you’re a coffee shop or a B&B, you’re bound to see a steady stream of coffee orders coming. Having coffee decanters helps you pour out multiple cups of Joe while keeping the surroundings clean and not making a mess. It also adds to the vibe and the ambiance of the restaurant when you have servers walking around with the decanters to refill mugs. Coffee decanters are available in a range of types and sizes based on the volume of coffee orders your restaurant receives in a day. Most establishments hold multiple decanters so there’s time lost in fulfilling multiple orders. Coffee decanters can be coupled with warmers so you can always make sure you’re only serving hot coffee to each customer. They’re available in both glass and stainless variants. While the glass variant is more attractive to look at since the coffee inside can seem visually appealing and inviting, the stainless steel decanter is more durable and can hold coffee at safe temperatures for longer periods. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, Chef Buyer’s always got your back. With the most premium range equipment listed on its catalogs and a team of commercial kitchen veterans always out to help you, Chef Buyer is the best bet when it comes to equipping your kitchen arsenal. Grindmaster-Cecilware, Fetco, Bloomfield, Curtis, BUNN, Admiral Craft, FMP, and Hamilton Beach are some of the best options available in the market, and we provide warranty-backed purchases from these companies at the best prices. Make sure that the pot of coffee is always piping, call Chef Buyer today.

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