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Clean Brews, Satisfied Customers: Coffee & Tea Filters for your Café

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Curtis CR-10 Brew Filter


Curtis GEM-6 Filter


Curtis CR-11 Filter


Curtis CR-12 Filter


Curtis GEM-6-101 Filter


Curtis GEM-6-102 Filter


Curtis CGC4FILTER Brew Filter


Curtis GEM-6-103 Filter


Curtis UP-3 Filter


Curtis UP-6 Filter


Curtis UP-10 Filter


When you're running a café, you cannot afford to serve customers with coffee and tea that have sediments and remnants of coffee beans or tea leaves. To avoid disappointing your customers, it's always ideal to filter your brews before serving. While existing filters within the machines can help you remove most of the sediment, adding a disposable filter to a brewing basket can help you remove fine particles from the brew, making it clear and superior in taste. These coffee and tea filters are made of specialized paper that allows milk and water to seep through while trapping finer particles and sediments that are present. They're compatible with kettles, teapots, coffee machines, and decanters so your customers can enjoy a smooth blend whenever they visit your establishment. Coffee and tea filters are disposable and can be discarded once the sheet seems saturated with sediment. These filters are also available in bio-degradable and recyclable options, helping you do more for the environment while running a profitable business. Though simple, coffee and tea filters are extremely cost-effective & efficient and help you with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Select from high-quality options to make the best of your beverage sales.

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