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Decanter Coffee Brewers are Great at Brewing Large Volumes of Coffee

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Decanter coffee brewers are most commonly found in diners, quick-stop shops, delis and corner stores. These commercial coffee makers are great at brewing large volumes of coffee, which can be set on warming plates on the appliance to keep it fresh and hot. Decanter coffee brewers feature one or more spouts to make multiple batches of coffee at the same time. Basic models come with a single warmer, while higher models can offer features like hot water faucets, multiple warming plates and extra spouts. Brewing coffee is as simple as placing coffee grounds inside a filter, putting it inside the machine and pressing a single button to start the brewing process. The coffee drips into a decanter, which can be moved to a warming plate and another decanter can be set underneath the spout to repeat the process. Unused warmers can be turned off to conserve electricity. Customers can use the decanters to serve themselves from your coffee station, or you can set the coffee machine behind the counter to make their coffee for them. Chef Buyer has an excellent catalog of decanter coffee brewers to cater to your business’s needs. Our well-rounded selection of coffee makers is sure to provide you a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. We are also available to help you select the perfect coffee brewer for your commercial needs, so feel free to contact us with any questions you have. 

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