Iced Tea Dispensers

Summer Antidote: The Best Commercial Iced Tea Dispensers for your Restaurant

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Grindmaster-Cecilware GTD3-FOT (6700-30000) Iced Tea Dispenser
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Grindmaster-Cecilware GTD3-TP (6700-30001) Iced Tea Dispenser
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Grindmaster-Cecilware GTD3-C (6700-40000) Iced Tea Dispenser
Retail $125.40
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When the mercury’s touching new highs, the most potent and beloved refreshment is iced tea, giving close competition to good old lemonade. Whether you’re running a mobile operation like a catering service, concession stand, food truck, or a stationary establishment like a restaurant or cafe, you’ll require a receptacle to store and pour out glasses of the refreshing liquid. Commercial iced tea dispensers help you store iced tea and keep them cold, sterile, and contained while moving them around.  All your staff needs to do is pour the prepared iced tea into the compartment and let the machine do its thing.  The insulation makes sure the tea remains chilled, and the faucet can help you pour out the iced tea into glasses and cups. These dispensers are made of either stainless steel, high-grade plastic, or durable glass so that your preparations are always kept safe. Commercial iced tea dispensers are available in different sizes based on your requirements. When you have an establishment that sees droves of customers each day, you always require quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business to keep your customers happy. Chef Buyer understands this and offers state-of-the-art iced tea dispensers from the best brands so you’re not left making a compromise. Our products come with company-backed warranties from brands like Lakeside, Piper Products, APW Wyott, Admiral Craft, Advance Tabco, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Manitowoc, FMP, and Fetco. Be sure to check out our comprehensive catalog of commercial kitchen products and make sure you enlist our specialists’ help for advanced queries or special necessities. Dependence isn’t always a bad thing, depend on Chef Buyer for top-tier performance.

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