Coffee Warmers

Cold Coffee Be Gone: High-quality Coffee Warmers for your Operation

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BUNN 06450.0004 06450.0004  WX1 Coffee Warmer
$55.92 /each
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Admiral Craft WP-2 Warmer Plate


Grindmaster-Cecilware BW-2 Coffee Warmer
$72.28 /each
Retail $72.28
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BUNN 06310.0004 06310.0004  WX2 Coffee Warmer
$85.74 /each
Retail $85.74
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Grindmaster-Cecilware BW-2SU Coffee Warmer
$94.93 /each
Retail $94.93
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Curtis AW-2-10 Alpha® Decanter Warmer


BUNN 12203.0010 12203.0010  RWS1 Satellite Brewer Warmer
$110.37 /each
Retail $110.37
Your price $110.37
Curtis AW-1-10 Alpha® Decanter Warmer


BUNN 11402.0001 11402.0001  WL2 Coffee Warmer
$134.13 /each
Retail $134.13
Your price $134.13
Admiral Craft SWP Side Warmer Plate


Cold and flat coffee is one of the biggest customer repellants out there, and you want to make sure your customers are never served coffee that’s not up to the mark. Coffee must be hot enough to taste the way it’s supposed to and for all the blends to come into play. A coffee warmer becomes a quintessential requirement when you need hot coffee to go around all day so that no customer is left dissatisfied. Coffee warmers are units that specialize in heating coffee pots, decanters, and vessels so that you can always keep pouring out a piping hot cup of Joe. They vary in size and in the number of heating plates they come with, ranging between one and three plates per unit. You can choose from these options based on the requirements of coffee at your restaurant. Coffee warmers can help you brew and reheat coffee, making sure you have a consistent supply of the black liquid when you’re looking for quick and easy ways to serve your high-volume business. With our catalogs showcasing brands and companies that have set benchmarks for commercial kitchens, you need to look no further for your coffee warmer needs. Waring, BUNN, Fetco, Curtis, FMP, Grindmaster-Cecilware, and Admiral Craft’s products are available with Chef Buyer for the best of prices. Our commercial kitchen specialists will help you make the appropriate selection for your establishment, leaving you with a comprehensive purchase and shopping experience. Make sure your machines are as dedicated as you are, choose Chef Buyer.

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