Cold Condiment Chillers

Retain the Crunch: Premium Cold Condiment Chillers for your Restaurant

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NEMCO Food Equipment 9020 Cold Condiment Chiller
$911.90 /each
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NEMCO Food Equipment 9020-3 Cold Condiment Chiller
$960.30 /each
Retail $960.30
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NEMCO Food Equipment 9020-1 Cold Condiment Chiller
$977.35 /each
Retail $977.35
Your price $884.15
NEMCO Food Equipment 9020-2 Cold Condiment Chiller
$985.05 /each
Retail $985.05
Your price $891.11
Whether it's berries, nuts, sliced fruit, or sprinkles, a cold condiment chiller can ensure the toppings and condiments you use at your establishment are maintained in safe, cold, and sanitary conditions. They’re available in both manned and self-serve options so that you have the flexibility of picking your chiller based on the nature of your operation. While the former is more suited to a catering service, the latter is better suited to large buffets. Condiment chillers are ergonomic in their size but also offer deep bowls to make sure they hold sufficient material so your staff doesn’t have to keep re-stocking for every few serves. These units are commonly built from stainless steel and can come in either air or water-cooled options. They rely on cooling the walls of the bowls to ensure cold temperatures are maintained uniformly throughout the bowl. Cold condiment chillers are available in various configurations and widths to accommodate a wide variety of necessities from unique establishments, ensuring you always have quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Some of these units also come with tops that are detachable to allow seamless transformation to a self-serve unit based on the occasion you’re serving. Choose from the best cold condiment chillers to keep toppings chilled, crunchy and fresh.

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