Cold Food Pan Units

Keepin’ it Chilled: Efficient Cold Food Pan Units for Your Establishment

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Cold food pan units are necessary whether you’re running a salad bar, a creamery, servicing a buffet line, or ensuring your toppings’ quality and freshness. These units are convenient options, where all you need to do is drop food pans into the unit and leave the rest to the machine. Cold food pan units come in a variety of sizes and combinations based on the dimensions of the food pans you use at the establishment. Most cold food pan units have a compressor system beneath the food pans so that it remains hidden from view. They're available in water-cooled and air-cooled options and you can choose between the two based on the temperature in your environment. Modern cold food pan units are also available in remote compressor variants that are easy to operate and monitor. With efficient temperature controls that monitor how cold the food pans get, you can adjust the thermostat seamlessly to temperatures best suited for the kind of food you’re holding. Whether it’s half or full-sized food pans, these units are bound to make a mark at your establishment and give you a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Ensure quality control and customer satisfaction with the best cold food pan units.

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