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Perfection & Finesse: The Best Carving Counters for your Establishment

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NEMCO Food Equipment 6015 Carving Station
$496.10 /each
Retail $496.10
Your price $448.79
NEMCO Food Equipment 6016 Carving Station
$510.95 /each
Retail $510.95
Your price $462.22
Hatco GRCSCL-24 Carving Station
Hatco GRCSCLH-24 Carving Station
Eagle Group BC-1 Deluxe Service Mate Portable Beef Cart


NEMCO Food Equipment 6015-DP Carving Station
$589.60 /each
Retail $589.60
Your price $533.37
Eagle Group DCS2-CSU Director's Choice® Carving Station


The perfect companion to your high-end buffet line or serving station is a carving counter. These units allow you to present special meats in an attractive and chic manner and provide a base for your chefs to cut and serve them to your patrons. Combining just the right amount of class and efficiency, carving stations allow your staff to set up a classy environment. Not only do these units allow your chefs to make precise cuts, but it also doubles up as an agent of entertainment for your customers while they’re waiting for their food. Carving counters hold enough punch value to attract more customers to want to try special meat offerings at your establishment. They’re available in both wood and composite metal bases that are either heated or non-heated. Some of these carving counters also come with exquisite heat lamps that add both a warming component and a visual effect. When you’re looking to create a reputation for your establishment, you’re bound to require quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Carving counters also come in fixed and flexible arm variants, allowing your chefs to control the amount of heat and position of the base plate. Achieve high ratings with the best carving counters to service your establishment.

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