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Another Scoop, Please!: Premium Ice Cream Serving Counters for your Operation

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Eagle Group DCS3-ICU Director's Choice® Ice Cream Serving Unit
Eagle Group DCS3-ICU Director's Choice® Ice Cream Serving Unit
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Ice cream is everyone’s weakness. Even customers with the greatest resolve are bound to melt at the sight of an attractive sundae. This is why it’s important to present your ice cream offerings in a way that can pull a crowd. Ice creams are sure-shot sales most of the time, however, ice cream serving counters add to the effect and pull in even more customers. They consolidate merchandising, holding, and serving into a single unit, helping you set up an on-field base of ice cream operations to help pull in customers. Ice cream serving counters are attractive in appearance, incorporating multiple elements like stainless steel and wood. The core application of this unit is to hold the ice cream in refrigerated chambers that are safe and support long-term storage. Elements like glass are included in the ice cream serving counters that are built for merchandising. Ice cream serving counters also come with wheels so you can incorporate mobility into your operation when you’re serving outdoor catering orders like weddings and festivals. They’re easily operated by your staff and have ample space for complex ice-cream preparations that have to be made on the counter itself. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, ice cream serving counters can manage the dessert sections with ease and are integral to a successful dessert business. When your brand works on the simplicity of functioning, warrantied purchases, and features only top-notch brands, you need not look elsewhere. Chef Buyer lists a whole range of ice cream serving counters from market veterans like Eagle and Pipe Products so you never have to experience anything substandard. Our experts are always on their feet to help you find the best-fitting solution for your restaurant and will make sure you leave with the ice cream serving counter you need. If you need everyone to scream for your ice cream, it’s time to call Chef Buyer.

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