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Keep the Fries Hot, Crispy & Fresh: Top Fry Dump Stations for your Establishment

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Dean Industries Dean FWH-1 Food Warmer & Holding Station
Retail $1,152.00
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Dean Industries Dean FWH-1A Food Warmer & Holding Station
Retail $1,344.50
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Hatco GRFHS-22 Glo-Ray Fry Holding Station
Hatco GRFHS-16 Glo-Ray Fry Holding Station
Hatco GRFHS-21 Glo-Ray Fry Holding Station
Hatco GRFHS-26 Glo-Ray Fry Holding Station

When you’re making customer staples like french fries and onion rings, it’s always good to have a large standing stock so you always have enough to serve your guests. However, this presents a unique problem because the fries need to be kept warm. This is addressed by machines called fry warmers that can keep your fries fresh, warm, and just right so your guests can always enjoy fries the way they’re meant to. These electric units also make sure those fries don’t dry out or soften up due to temperature fluctuations. They tend to use plates that can warm from either the top, bottom, or both. Some of these units also use high-powered infrared bulbs to help warm fries. Smaller fry-warmers can use strip warmers because of the low quantity they’re meant to serve. Modern fry-warmers are also capable of having specialized areas that are meant to hold packaged fries and can be opened from both the front and back to enable ease of access. When you’re running a large-scale operation, you always need to look out for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Chef Buyer’s fry warmers are meant to do exactly that. We procure our machines from the most reputed brands that include Garland, Frymaster, BKI, Hatco, Eagle, Admiral Craft, and Dean. All of your purchases are assisted by our experts that know the ins and outs of commercial kitchens and can help solve your every problem. Our solutions are effective and also budget-friendly. When it’s your reputation on the line, Chef Buyer is always the best choice.

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